Legend Boats Rebrand 2016 
Legend Boats is an aluminum fishing boat and pontoon boat manufacturer located in Whitefish, Ontario, Canada. The brand has been steadily gaining momentum during it's nearly 30 year history. During this time, Legend's product line has diversified and product recognition is at a pivotal point. 

In 2015 I was tasked with helping Legend develop a distinctive and unique brand update, beginning with the design of a new logo for the company. The timing was right, as this rebranding would coincide with the construction on a brand-new state-of-the-art facility that began the following year. 

The new Legend Boats identity was unveiled to the Legend dealer network at a dealer event in the Fall of 2015 and received an overwhelmingly positive reception. The logo has since helped position the company as a decisive leader and forerunner in the market. 

The new Legend Boats facility opened to the public in the Spring of 2017, and you can view a recap of the grand opening event below: 

Brand Differentiation  
While the old logo gave Legend initial credibility due to it's similarity to other industry players, it did little to differentiate Legend as a leader in the industry.
Legend Boats clothing images courtesy of Legend Boats, Ryan Mariotti - Mariotti Visuals

Legend Boats Headquarters Grand Opening, Whitefish Ontario 2017

Legend Boats Montreal, Grand Opening 2016

Legend Boats Barrie, 2016

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