Legend Boats® 2014 Catalogue
When I was hired by Legend Boats in 2013, my first project was to completely redesign their annual catalogue—a 54 page publication highlighting Legend's entire product lineup, in both English and French versions. A +5 month-long project from preliminary spread concepts to printed product, my objective was to redesign everything about Legend's catalogue from the ground up in hopes the end result would be a product that beneficially differentiates itself from competitors in the boating industry.

Due to the success of this first 2014 redesign, what was once a project that required annual redesigns became a once every 2-3 years redesign as Legend's leadership was pleased with the new look-and-feel and saw potential with the catalogue for more stable and consistent branding.

***NOTE: Front and back cover designs were done by the marketing director, and are not pictured.***

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